Anyone can throw some mulch around the base of their tree. You’re looking for something unique.

While we highly recommend these landscape ideas for around your tree, don’t hop over to Amazon to buy everything just yet. 

Make sure you read the bottom of the post to learn how to prep your tree for landscaping (so you don’t accidentally kill it)!

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5 GORGEOUS Landscape Ideas for Around A Tree


Idea #1: Edging

edging landscaping idea for around a tree - reddit

Photo Credit: Reddit

A crafty Redditor used this eye-catching “edging” technique for the base of his tree.

Creating this trench around your tree not only looks cool, but it can help your tree’s health as well!

Edging separates the tree’s base from the lawn, reducing competition for nutrients. After digging the trench, you can add mulch or decorative elements to the defined area, enhancing the tree’s appearance and health by retaining moisture and preventing weed growth. 

What You’ll Need:

  1. Shovel
  2. String or rope
  3. Mulch
  4. Ediging Tool (optional)

How To Create An Edging Effect Around a Tree

  1. Create a Perfect Circle: Tie a rope to your shovel that is the radius of the circle you want. Work your way around the tree while keeping the rope taut. This will create your “perfect circle” around your tree.
  2. Dig the Trench: Using the shovel, carefully dig about a 1-inch trench along the marked line up to the base of the tree.
  3. Remove Excess Soil: Use a shovel or an edging tool to remove excess soil from the trench, ensuring a clean and defined edge.
  4. Mulch or Plant: Once edged, add a thin layer of mulch (get the bagged mulch) to the newly defined area to enhance the tree’s appearance and prevent weed growth!

Pro-Tip: Keep the mulch off the base of the tree trunk. The root flare should be exposed because burying it under mulch can lead to rot, disease, and other issues with your tree.

Watch a video tutorial. 

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Idea #2: “Permanent” Rocks or Mulch


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You may have seen this viral “mulch glue” on social media.

Basically, it’s a resin-based glue that makes sure your mulch and rocks around your tree don’t come lose, creating a neat and tidy landscape that stays in place.

This works perfectly with the edging landscape idea above or any of the other ideas we discuss!

What You’ll Need:

  1. Mulch glue (yes, it’s pet-safe!)
  2. Sprayer

How To Use the Viral Mulch Glue:

  1. Clean up:  Rake up old mulch and lay down new material, clean up your rocks, and consider edging the area around the base of your tree.
  2. Spray: Use your sprayer to easily spread the glue over your mulch or rocks. Keep it away from the base of your tree. One gallon of mixed glue can cover 250sqt ft.
  3. Drying Time: At least 24 hours
  4. Reapply: Every 12 months or when you notice loose rocks or mulch!

Will it hurt my tree?

The mulch glue is water permeable, meaning water can still pass through the glue and mulch/rocks and into your tree roots!

In Tampa? Get a lawn care quote!

Idea #3: Spiral

spiral landscaping idea for around a tree

Photo Credit: Digs Digs

This is a fun, whimsical tree landscape idea for the lone palm or maybe the big tree in your front yard!

What You’ll Need:

  • Shovel (for outlining)
  • String or Rope
  • Mulch/Mulch glue
  • Rocks or stones
  • Plants (optional)

How To Create This Decorative Spiral Around a Tree:

  1. Outline the Spiral: Start at the base of your tree and use your shovel and string to mark the spiral shape around the tree (similar to the edging instructions).
  2. Dig the Outline: Use the shovel to dig along the outline about 2-3 inches deep to make your place.
  3. Add Rocks and Stones: Place rocks or stones along the spiral path. Use the same size stones or switch them up as you like.
  4. Fill with Mulch and Mulch Glue: If desired, fill the areas between the spiral with mulch and then mulch glue.
  5. Add Pops of Color: When the glue dries, add small plants or succulents in the spiral for added texture and color.

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Idea #4: Bench

bench landscaping idea for around a tree

C’mon! You know you only see this kind of landscaping in professional botanical gardens like Sunken Garden in St. Pete!

The bench is going to be the trickiest part (especially if you DIY it), but the rest is basically just a repeat of the ideas above for landscaping around your tree.

What You’ll Need:

  • Circular bench kit (or custom-built bench materials)
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Gravel or pavers (for a stable base)
  • Mulch or decorative stones

How To Install a Bench Around Your Tree:

First, you’ll need to buy or make a bench:

  1. Measure and Mark: Measure the circumference of your tree to determine the size of the bench. Mark the area around the tree where the bench will sit.
  2. Prepare the Ground: Use a shovel to clear the grass and level the ground where the bench will be placed.
  3. Create a Base: Add a layer of gravel or pavers to provide a stable base for the bench legs. Use the mulch glue for maximum stability.
  4. Assemble the Bench: Follow the instructions for your circular bench kit or assemble the custom-built bench around the tree.
  5. Secure the Bench: Ensure the bench is level and secure it firmly in place with anchors.
  6. Finish the Area: To enhance the look and provide a finished appearance, add mulch or decorative stones around the base of the bench.

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Idea #6: Layers

layered landscaping idea for around a tree - second picture is of tulips which the blog recommends adding in between the layered tree landscape for color and dimension

For a unique and upscale look, imagine this minimalist garden bed around your trees.

This tree landscape idea allows you to experiment with various decor elements, such as bricks, stone, mulch, and plants.

You can plant succulents like the ones in image #1, but we HIGHLY encourage something like the tulips in image # 2.

It adds so much color and dimension!

What You’ll Need:

  • Shovel & string
  • Bricks
  • Compost
  • Mulch or decorative stones
  • Tulip and daffodil bulbs (optional)

How To Create a Decorative Border Around a Tree:

  1. Outline: Use a shovel and string to mark the border shape.
  2. Dig Trench: Dig a 1-inch deep trench along the outline.
  3. Install Edging: Place and level the edging bricks in the trench.
  4. Prepare Soil: Amend soil within the border with compost.
  5. Layer: Add your second layer of bricks 1 foot away from the tree’s base.
  6. Add Mulch or Stone: Fill the center with mulch or decorative stones, leaving a gap around the trunk.
  7. Add Plants: Succulents or (the better option, in our opinion) tulips!
  8. Water and Maintain: Water thoroughly and maintain as needed.

What You Need To Do BEFORE Installing Your Tree Base Landscaping


  • Do Test Soil: Check your tree’s soil pH and quality using a soil testing kit. This helps determine the need for soil amendments to support plant growth.
  • Do Plan Drainage: Consider creating channels or using gravel to direct water away from the tree base, which prevents root rot.
  • Do Remove Weeds: Clear all weeds and grass from the area manually or using an organic weed killer like these to reduce competition for nutrients and water.


  • Don’t Cover Root Flare: Avoid piling soil or mulch against the tree trunk. The root flare, where the trunk expands at the base, should be visible to prevent rot and disease.
  • Don’t Use Harmful Chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals. Opt for organic herbicides and fertilizers that won’t damage tree roots or beneficial soil organisms.
  • Don’t Ignore Tree Roots: Be mindful of tree roots while digging. Use hand tools near the roots to prevent damage and ensure the tree’s stability and health.
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