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Looking for Tampa tree care services that treat your personal oasis in the most eco-friendly way possible?

My Organic Turf helps keep your palms, oaks, and other trees chemical-free and thriving.

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I highly recommend hiring the Organic Turf team. Nick and Eric do an amazing job of evaluating your lawn and provide honest feedback. They use organic products and the results I have seen from my lawn is incredible. The decrease in bugs, beautiful green grass and great maintenance of my palm trees as well. They are a great team!”

Guarav Bhatia

“Great people with an abundance of knowledge about grass and palm trees. We are very happy with My Organic Turf and recommend them to everyone.”
Meredith Shephard

Nick is one of the most professional and passionate people I have met. His knowledge in this field is second to none. He treats you like family and truly applies science behind treating your lawn. The amount of time he spends making our lawn look flawless is worth every penny.”
Jonathan Pendino

Tree Care Services

Palm trees and oaks are Tampa’s signature trees. They’re a big part of what gives our homes character, charm, and shade.

That’s why our Tampa tree care services use 100% organic fertilizers to keep our beautiful palms, oaks, and other trees free from disease.

We even have our own proprietary blend that stimulates cell division and creates a stronger root system.

tampa palm trees

Tree & Palm Fertilization

Each organic-based application is chock full of micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins essential to the area’s soil needs.

Our proprietary blend of organic fertilizer is designed specifically to stimulate cell division and create a stronger root system for your Tampa palm trees.

Starting at $35.00 per application

My Organic Turf palm tree care services in tampa includes tree trunk injection

Trunk Injections

Trunk injection is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to treat diseases in palm trees and control insects.

Lethal bronzing, also called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, is a relatively new bacterial disease that has already caused millions of dollars of damage for Central and South Florida homeowners and businesses.

While there is no direct cure for the disease, studies show that administering antibiotic injections to non-symptomatic, susceptible species, as well as infected species, can extend the lifespan of the tree.

Starting at $85.00 per injection.


Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Complimentary Lawn Assessment

We’ll conduct a free evaluation of your yard, starting with your trees. We’ll look at everything to get the full picture of your property.

Step 2: Your Custom Treatment Plan

Next, we’ll create a treatment plan based on your unique landscape and create your custom quote.

Step 3: Implement + Monitor

We’ll treat your trees on your custom schedule. You’ll get a personalized message and update after each treatment, and we’ll always let you know if there are any updates or cause for concern.

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