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From fertilizer and weed control that’s safe for your kids and pets to making sure your sprinklers are running like clockwork…

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Tampa Lawn Care & Shrub Services

Your front and backyard is like its own little ecosystem. And there’s a lot that goes into keeping it looking wow-worthy and weed-free year round.

If your lawn isn’t looking as vibrant as you want it to be or stubborn weeds make you shake your head every time you walk to your door, we’ll get to the root of the problem (pun intended) and create a custom treatment plan to get your yard looking the best it ever has.

Lawn Fertilization | Shrubs & Ornamentals | Weed Control | Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair

MOT brought my lawn back to health.

“I switched to MOT about a year ago and have been extremely pleased. Previous lawn treatment companies would just come and spray chemicals, but the grass still went downhill. MOT brought my lawn back to health. I really like the organic treatment approach. Nick and his team are very professional and knowledgeable.”

We switched from TruGreen about three months ago and are never going back!

“I have lived in Tampa my entire life and have tried just about every lawn fertilization service there is. These guys are always on time, know what they’re doing and my lawn and grass look amazing. Not to mention that now I don’t have to worry about letting the grandkids play in the yard. Thank you, My Organic Turf!”

Bill D.

My yard and hedges look better than they have in years!

“We had used another company for years. However, our lawn did not look nearly as healthy as our neighbors’, who used My Organic Turf. I had to constantly ask our Florida lawn care company to look at the brown spots that kept coming up. I finally had enough and hired My Organic Turf about three months ago.

Ananya Bedi


Tampa lawn care services by My Organic Turf

Tampa lawn care services by My Organic Turf

Our Proven
Fertilization Program

The right fertilizer is key to achieving that vibrant green lawn look.

But it’s not just about what kind of fertilizer you use (though that’s important too).

It’s also essential that your Tampa lawn care service provider understands how to apply it correctly — and when to adjust as needed based on the season, particularly in Florida’s unique climate.

Safe and Effective

99% of Tampa lawn care services use chemical fertilizers.


But not us.

Our 100% organic fertilizer is environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets to be around, and rich in essential nutrients to promote root growth.

We’ve created an effective blend of organic-based turf and garden fertilizer full of macro and micronutrients, trace elements, and vitamins and minerals that will help your yard’s soil eliminate weeds and fight off diseases and insects.

Tailored to Your Lawn

Each application is tailored to your lawn and garden’s unique phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and lime requirements.

Our treatment programs will restore the nutritional balance in your yard and provide the micronutrients needed to speed up the decomposition rate of existing thatch, unleashing the nutrients found naturally in your lawn’s soil.

Long-Term Results

Over time, the healthy growth of your grass will crowd out future weeds and reduce the need for insecticides and herbicides.

All while giving your yard a healthier, lusher look!

Proud Terradigm Provider

We’re proud to use Terradigm™ as part of our lawn and shrub fertilization service.

Terradigm™ is a breakthrough product that delivers fresh “probiotics” to your lawn to make it stronger, healthier, and more drought-resistant at the roots.

Terradigm™ is making waves in helping homeowners and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, applying Terradigm™ to just 1 acre of turf annually can offset the CO2 emissions from driving 7,824 miles.

Shrubs & Ornamentals

No two yards are alike, which is why we tailor our shrub treatment plan to each customer’s unique landscape. Our proprietary fertilizer solutions are formulated in our lab using a carefully calculated blend specifically curated for your diverse landscape.

We always start with 100% organic ingredients and add additional treatments as needed, using the minimum amount possible to ensure that it’s effective yet safe for kids and pets.

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Weed Elimination & Prevention Program

What we quickly learned (but few organic companies will tell you) is that while using 100% organic herbicides will always be our long-term mission — and one we continue to work toward every day — it simply doesn’t yield the results our discerning customers demand in terms of keeping your lawn green and free of pests and weeds.

That’s why we’ve formulated our own hybrid blend using the minimum effective amount of high-quality herbicides. Our innovative approach to eliminating and preventing weeds seems so simple and obvious, yet few lawn care providers are doing it.


Because it takes more training, continuous product research, and an understanding of Florida’s unique landscape.

Targeted Application

We tackle your yard section by section using a targeted, low-toxicity hybrid herbicide application that allows us to nip weeds in the bud, without spraying the areas of your yard that don’t need spraying.

Safe but Effective

Our proprietary hybrid blend is environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets to be around.

Long-Term Results

The best part is that as your lawn becomes healthier and healthier, the growth of the grass itself will prevent more weeds from growing.

Ultimately, weeds could disappear altogether — with a few stragglers here and there — and you could end up with a 100% organic lawn.

No weed control necessary. That’s always our end goal with each new client we bring on.

Tampa lawn care services - My Organic Turf employee doing trunk injections on a Florida palm tree in front of Tampa Lexus dealership

Tampa lawn care services

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Sprinkler Tune-Up & Repair

It seems simple: Just run your sprinkler every day and voila! Your lawn will stay healthy.

Especially in Florida, proper irrigation can be tough to achieve, yet it is the leading factor in the overall health of your lawn.

That’s why even during your free initial assessment, we’ll evaluate each sprinkler head to make sure it’s functioning properly and let you know whether you’re watering too much, too little, or just enough.

Season to season, your My Organic Turf technician will guide you on when to water your lawn, how much water to use, and how frequently, so you’ll never have to guess or Google.

We offer routine sprinkler head cleaning, adjustments, and repairs. And our irrigation engineers can monitor your irrigation system remotely to detect leaks, blockages, or failures.

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Lawn Care Concierge

We want you to have the lushest lawn on the block. That’s why our guidance is part of our service, no matter what monthly maintenance package we prescribe.

24/7 Customer Service

One thing we’re proud of?

The fact that our Tampa lawn care services doesn’t stop at your front lawn.

Text, call, or email anytime you’re having any issues, and we’ll respond with a suggestion or head to your home to diagnose the problem.

Monthly Lawn Assessment

Every time we visit your home, we’ll reevaluate your property, check your sprinkler heads, share our recommendations for how often and how much you should water your lawn, and be on the lookout for any problem areas that might be popping up.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Complimentary Lawn Assessment

We’ll conduct a free evaluation of your yard, starting with your trees.

We’ll look at everything to get the full picture of your property.

Step 2: Your Custom Treatment Plan

Next, we’ll create a treatment plan based on your unique landscape and create your custom quote.

Step 3: Implement + Monitor

We’ll treat your trees on your custom schedule. You’ll get a personalized message and update after each treatment, and we’ll always let you know if there are any updates or cause for concern.

Ready for Your Greenest Lawn Ever?

If you’re looking for safer, more sustainable Tampa lawn care services, congrats! Your hunt is over.

Give us a call, and within 24 hours, we’ll be on your lawn for a complimentary evaluation.

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