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The only pest control company in Tampa, Florida that takes a science-based approach.

We get rid of mosquitos, fleas and ticks, and indoor pests while keeping your kids and four-legged friends safe.

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“A great service that saved my backyard due to a very busy mosquito season. I would recommend them to any Tampa homeowner.”

Colleen Gray

Exterior Pest Control That’s Tough on Pests but Gentler on the Planet

You want to enjoy cookouts, cornhole, and pool time without getting eaten alive by mosquitos and other annoying pests.

Our scientifically-based process uses organic-based ingredients to control and repel mosquitos, fleas, and ticks from your property’s exterior for up to 21 days.

Targeted tampa lawn pest control

Targeted Spraying

We’re not like other guys. You’ll never see one of our lawn techs spraying your yard like it’s the Wild West with complete. We actually care about things like your vegetable garden and your kids’ playground.

Instead, we only focus on the areas that need to be treated. This is because we target the source of the problem versus taking a spray-and-pray approach.

And you can rest assured that everything that touches your lawn is specially formulated to be environmentally safe and yet effective.

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Mosquito Barrier Control Keeps Mosquitoes and Harsh Chemicals Out

Insect-borne diseases have been on the uptick for years, whether it’s Dengue fever, the West Nile virus, or most recently, the Zika virus. It’s a reality that has made mosquito barrier control an essential service for keeping ourselves and our children safe in Tampa, Florida.

That’s why we only treat certain areas of your yard, creating a literal invisible barrier that kills mosquitoes on contact and keeps them from ever crossing the threshold.

My Organic Turf proudly uses In2care for your pest control in Tampa Florida

Proud to Be a Premiere In2Care Certified Specialist

The innovative In2Care® Mosquito Trap kills mosquitoes fast, naturally, and without the use of toxic chemicals found in traditional mosquito repellants.

We love this eco-friendly device because it’s backed by the Gates Foundation, reduces chemical use, and never targets beneficial insects or pollinators.

Tampa, Florida pest control service by My Organic Turf

Interior Tampa Pest Control

Keeping pests from getting inside your home starts on the outside.

Our strategy for keeping pests at bay is to place our products as far away from the spaces you use every day as possible. That’s why we apply a prevention and correction grid around the perimeter of your home, while being mindful to stay away from areas your pets and kids may commonly frequent.

Our pest control specialists don’t even need to set foot inside your home.

Keep your home pest-free for a full year with our annual Tampa Bay pest control programs

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Complimentary Lawn Assessment

We’ll conduct a free evaluation of your yard, starting with your trees. We’ll look at everything to get the full picture of your property.

Step 2: Your Custom Treatment Plan

Next, we’ll create a treatment plan based on your unique landscape and create your custom quote.

Step 3: Implement + Monitor

We’ll treat your trees on your custom schedule. You’ll get a personalized message and update after each treatment, and we’ll always let you know if there are any updates or cause for concern.

Get a Free Quote

If you’re looking for safer, more sustainable ways to care for your trees, give us a call. Within 24 hours, we’ll be on your lawn for a complimentary evaluation.

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